We visited the company SunshineSmile in Berlin.

Here is the interview with SunshineSmile, meet the very likable team and have a look at their HQ office in Berlin. 

Your Business:

What is your core business?

We straighten low and moderate malpositioning of front teeth using our transparent dental splints.

How did you get to your business idea and when was your company established?

SunshineSmile has been established in 2017 by the four entrepreneurs Dr. Peter Baumgart, Constantin Bisanz, Lukas Brosseder and David Khalil in Berlin. The idea of founding SunshineSmile came from the US where 500.000 people have booked dental treatments through the internet by now. SunshineSmile aims to democratize teeth straightening by making the treatment accessible to everyone.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1826 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
May we present? The SunshineSmile HR Team.

Do you have offices in other cities?

We have clinics in nine different cities all over Germany: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Dortmund,Leipzig, Heidelberg. Furthermore we are present in Vienna, Austria.

Are you planing to expand your venture in other countries? And if – where?

Yes, we would like to develop our business by adding further countries to our network. Where the expansion will take place exactly we will decide in the near future.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1932 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
Clear aligners straighten low and moderate malpositioning of front teeth.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Everyone who is interested in teeth straightening shall immediately think of SunshineSmile knowing that straight teeth are no unaffordable luxury but an option given by SunshineSmile.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1841 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
SunshineSmile HR Team @work

Your Team:

How many employees work at your company right now? Are you planing to expand?

109 team members are currently employed at SunshineSmile and we are further growing.

What is the average age of your team members?

29 –  32 years

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1879 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
There are many meeting rooms to choose from in order to work in quiet.

How many different nations are in your team?

More than 15 nations

What kind of attitude should new employees have to have in order to work at your company?

A new employee enjoys team work while supporting and promoting an innovative product with his/her own knowledge. Our team is distinguished by commitment, creative drive as well as the pleasure in common successes.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1967 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
There is enough space for the team to have lunch together in the kitchen.

Why is it fun to work at your company? Do you offer any employee benefits?

Our team at SunshineSmile is young and dynamic. We aim to make dental medicin accessible for everyone by being Germany´s number one for beautiful teeth – so it´s all about a beautiful smile.

Further advantages are:

– a strong feedback culture

– a modern working environment

– discounts for employees

– free hardware selection

– team and company events

– flexible working hours 

– support for parents in order to ensure reconcilability of family and working life

– 27 days of holidays

– career and development opportunities

– a wide choice of drinks and snacks

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1788 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
Many tasks / things are easier to finish, when one leaves the own desk.

Do you offer your new employees a relocation service or help to relocate?

Yes, we provide support if needed.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1811 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
The four founders welcome employees and guests in person, standing at the reception..

How does your recruitment process look like?

We are always glad to receive new applications. After receiving the application documents the recruiter screens the files.

Arranges a phone interview and invites the candidate for an onsite-interview with the team lead. If necessary, a further step with one of the founders and the department team lead takes place.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1951 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN

Your Office:

How big is your Office?

The SunshineSmile office in Berlin Charlottenburg counts 1.300 square meters in total. On this surface each department is represented: from marketing to logistics.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1947 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
The lounge offers enough space for the whole SunshineSmile Team.

What are the special things in your office?

The team finds a very large kitchen during the lunch and coffee breaks, a lounge with a comfy sofa and a ping-pong table of course.

Sunshine Smile Officedropin Lukoschek 1896 INSIDE SUNSHINESMILES OFFICE IN BERLIN
And last but not least: a ping pong table

Did you get help from an interior designer by designing the office? And if who did you work together with?

Yes, our working space has been designed by Jeannine Nujic.


Thank you SunshineSmile Team for this interview!

Location: Berlin, Germany   Website:

Photos: Andreas Lukoschek