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We visited the company realbest in Berlin.

Here is the interview with realbest as well as a look at their office in Berlin.

Your Business

What is your core business? 

realbest is Germany’s first online selling platform for residential property. We are digitizing the selling process all the way from the first price estimate for the private property owner to the online reservation by the potential buyer.

Using our smooth digital process, private owners are able to sell their property quickly and at the highest possible price.

realbest officedropin 2402 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
This is Mathias Baumeister, CEO and founder of realbest.

How did you get to your business idea and when was your company established? 

Before founding realbest in 2013, Mathias Baumeister had worked in the real estate business for over 10 years. He witnessed that there is both, people wanting to sell housing and those looking to buy residential property.

However, no digital platform existed that would match those needs and create a smooth process for all stakeholders involved, including brokers.

Thus, he decided to found realbest, a platform that depicts all steps of selling a residential property and provides easy-to-use dashboards for sellers, buyers and brokers.

In which countries are you active? 

In Germany only.

Are you planning to expand your venture in other countries? 

Not in the near future, the German real estate market is big enough for us to grow right now.

Are you using Venture Capital? And, if so, – who are your Venture Partners? 

Yes, our investors include CommerzVentures, Plutos Group, IBB VC Fonds Kreativwerkstadt, Immotech Venture, Obotritia Capital and Ventech.

realbest officedropin 2370 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
The Management Team: (f.l.t.r.) Martin Schreiber, David Valerius, Hubertus Kobe, Kathrin Appler and Mathias Baumeister.

Where do you see the company in 5 years? 

In five years from now, we aim at selling more residential property than any other online selling platform in Germany.

To achieve this goal, we continue working on the user experience as well as new features and constantly improve our customer support.

realbest officedropin 4756 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
Part of the realbest team on the roof terrace of our office building.

Your Team

How many employees work at your company right now? Are you planning to expand? 

We currently employ around 50 people and are constantly looking for new talents to join our team.

What is the average age of your team members? 

The average age of our team members is 33 years.

realbest officedropin 4803 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
Customer service representatives Moni & Moni at work in our reception area.

What kind of attitude should new employees have in order to work at your company? 

We are always looking for new employees with a solution-oriented mindset, who are finding joy in their work and find motivation in ambitious tasks.

How does your recruitment process look like? 

We are flexible in our recruitment process, as the roles we are offering are very diverse. This way we can adapt better to both, the needs of the candidates and the specific requirements for our role.

realbest officedropin 4823 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
realbest has several meeting rooms for productive team work.

Why is it fun to work at your company? Do you offer any employee benefits?

The realbest office is placed in the heart of Berlin in Schöneberg, right next to the train station Bayerischer Platz. We encourage personal development and trainings.

For a healthy and fun lunch break, we are offering 4 Euro lunch sponsoring every day!

We are also offering flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home.

realbest officedropin 4819 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
Big windows allow a bright environment that encourages productivity.

Your Office

How big is your office?

Our office has 700 square meters.

Did you get help from an interior designer to design your office? And if so, who did you work together with? 

We did not get help from an interior designer for designing the office. We invited the whole team to give ideas to design a collaborative work environment and are always happy about new ideas and suggestions.

realbest officedropin 4829 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
Various seating areas in the office allow individual activities such as short notebook sessions.

What are the special things in your office?

We have a football table and our beloved popcorn machine proves very popular at our team events.

realbest officedropin 4766 A TOUR OF REALBESTS OFFICE IN BERLIN
Playing table football is the perfect way to have a little break at work and some fun with the colleagues.

Thank you realbest Team for this interview!


Location: Berlin, Germany   Website: realbest

Photos: Andreas Lukoschek