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We visited the startup TAB. Here is the interview – and have a look at the team and their cool office in Berlin.




Tell us something about your company. When was your company founded? Where are you located?

TAB is a global mobile performance media company, that was founded in Berlin in early 2016. TAB is a full-service provider, meaning they can do it all – from acquisition, tracking, reporting and optimization, to strategic campaign planning and creative assets.

With over 250 partners connected to TAB’s real-time bidding technology & in-house demand-side platform, TAB’s media reach expands across social, display, native, video, rich media, search, and more.

TAB’s services are unparalleled when it comes to bringing the best value and ROI for each media dollar spent.

In just one year, TAB has expanded across three continents, opening offices in Berlin, Santa Monica, California, USA, and Bangalore, India, and grew their monthly revenues to seven digit figures.

Because of this success, TAB plans to expand even further, opening offices in Latin America and Asia.

TAB Company officedropin 3291 1024x638 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLINTAB Company officedropin 3322 1024x698 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Your Business: 

What is your core business? 

TAB sees their core business as being a gateway between global brands and mobile consumers. TAB is a mobile performance media company, meaning they support, connect, and separate different consumer variables to amplify mobile media channels for brand communication and recognition.

How did you get to your business idea and when was your company established? 

TAB was started by Matthias Lesch, who has always been a serial entrepreneur & initiator of various adtech & online marketing related start-ups.

In 2016, he approached co-founders and industry veterans Klaus Markefsy and Scott Park, and after discussing their vison they knew they could not pass up the opportunity to start a company together and that they had something special with TAB.

TAB Company officedropin 3297 1024x615 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Are you using Venture Capital? And if – who are your Venture Partners? 

TAB was started off with 350K VC money from Family, Friends, some industry veterans & 180K of venture debt. Since the second month TAB it is growing cashflow positive until today.

In which countries are you active? Are you planning to expand your venture in other countries? And if – where? 

TAB is currently active in around 35 countries. Offices are located in the bigger markets like Germany, USA, and India, and will be expanding to Seoul South Korea, and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

TAB Company officedropin 3260 1024x689 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLINTAB Company officedropin 3252 1024x749 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Where do you see the company in 5 years? 

“In five years, TAB will be an industry

leader in mobile marketing.”

That probably sounds like lofty expectations, but after seeing what has been accomplished in just one year, coupled with TAB’s in-house tech, and the team TAB has built, the company is on the right trajectory to hit this goal.

TAB Company officedropin 3257 1024x683 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Your Team: 

How many employees work at your company right now? Are you planning to expand? 

TAB currently has 18 team members, and because of their first-year success, TAB is expanding in a major way. The company has numerous open positions including business development, account managers, HR managers, as well as internship opportunities.

What is the average age of your team members? 

The average team member at TAB is 28.

TAB Company officedropin 3248 1024x683 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLINTAB Company officedropin 3270 1024x683 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

What kind of attitude should new employees have to have in order to work at your company? 

“TAB expects their employees to be highly motivated self-starters, who have the desire to be a part of, and impact a growing company. They should be team players. Creativity & analytical skills are plus.”

TAB Company officedropin 3266 1024x683 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Why is it fun to work at your company? Do you offer any employee benefits? 

It’s fun to work in the TAB offices because they understand that happy employees are productive employees. The company encourages friendship and team building, which is why you will typically hear laughter and joking when you walk into any of their three offices.

Office culture is important to the company, so they have equipped their office with  flat screen TVs and PlayStation, featuring a full library of books, games and DVDs.

The company also offers healthy snacks to keep team members mentally sharp. Since the physical wellbeing of employees is just as important as the mental wellbeing, TAB offers their employees fully paid access to one of the top gyms in Berlin.

In addition, because they are an international company, they offer employees the chance to work in their various offices for a period of time.

On top are coming four company events per year and one all company trip/incentive per year.

TAB Company officedropin 3250 1024x681 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN


Do you offer new employees a relocation service or help to relocate? 

“For the right employee in the right situation TAB offers help with relocation and onboarding in Berlin or LA.”

TAB Company officedropin 3352 1024x760 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Your Office: 

How big is your Office? 

The HQ in Berlin is 250m2 of lofty penthouse space. In a new very vibrant area of Berlin that currently develops substantially into a new stylish area within Berlin.

It’s the hotspot for upcoming bars, extraordinary and in-restaurant and clubs all in walking distance to Berlins Potsdamer Platz, Sony Center and Berlins new luxury fashion mall LP12.

TAB Company officedropin 3280 1024x636 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

TAB Company officedropin 3294 1024x672 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Did you get help from an interior designer by designing the office? And if who did you work together with? 

The Founder Matthias Lesch and his wife Nicoline Lesch collected various ideas from different office and living designs around the world and had the vision to make TABs new HQ in Berlin a place not just to work but also collaborate, share idea, have fun and work towards a common and united goal.

The design elements & different office areas are carefully designed to give all employees a welcoming feeling.

People come, stay, work, relax , discuss , read , watch TV or play games within the new office space.

It’s a hub for creativity which was the initial intention by Matthias Lesch.

Thank you! 🙂

TAB Company officedropin 3295 1024x683 INSIDE OF TABS SUPER BRIGHT OFFICE IN BERLIN

Thank you tab Team for this interview & the photoshooting!

Location: Berlin, Germany   Website: TAB

Photos: copyright by the photographer Andreas Lukoschek