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We visited the company Elinvar in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

Here is the interview – and have a look at the team and their office in Berlin.



Please introduce your company

Elinvar is a Berlin-based Fintech. We were founded in summer 2016 aiming to become the leading platform for asset & wealth managers.

Now, we’ve grown our team to more than 40 people from almost 20 nationalities, of whom more than 70% work in tech. We have a BaFin license, partners all over Germany and are about to scale our business internationally with first European partners. Our office is centrally located in Berlin, in Prenzlauer Berg.

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Your Business

What is your core business?

Our core business is our digital B2B2C platform. It enables our partners, who are asset & wealth managers, to digitalize their business. The idea behind it is simple. Our partners focus on their core competencies, which are portfolio management and client relationships.

We deliver a modern platform, which meets all regulatory requirements on a state of the art technological level. By combining these core competencies, we create an outstanding user experience for the investors and increase efficiency for our partner’s processes sustainably and long-term. 

The Elinvar platform is comprehensive and completely customized for each partner’s business model. As part of its comprehensive service portfolio, our platform includes “plug and play” state-of-the-art API management for third parties, including customer identification (KYC processes), market data and communication providers.

Our partners profit from the combination of leading technology and the functional expertise of a licensed portfolio manager. The platform’s microservices architecture ensures our partners sustained competitiveness through fast adaptability and continuous optimization.


How did you get to your business idea and when was your company established?

Elinvar was founded in summer 2016 by Chris Bartz, our CEO, Sebastian Böttner, our CTO and Dr. Marco Neuhaus, our COO. The three of them met at FinLeap, Europe’s biggest Fintech company builder, after having worked for already several years in the finance and tech sector.

Their backgrounds complement each other ideally, as they combine experience in private and investment banking as well as pricing and trading platforms.

Once the idea of founding a company that enables asset and wealth managers to digitalize their business was born, they optimized it very strategically.

The uniqueness of Elinvar’s B2B2C specialized offer, the promising business model as well as the trustworthiness of our three founders convinced FinLeap and Talanx Asset Management to invest and allowed the company to quickly start growing.

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Are you using Venture Capital? And if – who are your Venture Partners?

We were lucky to have the support from two major companies from day one: The above-mentioned Fintech company builder FinLeap and Talanx Asset Management, one of Germany’s largest asset managers. Both of them hold each 37,5% of our company. The remaining 25% are held by the founders and the team.

In which countries are you active? Are you planning to expand your venture in other countries? 

Currently we have partners all over Germany. Internationalization is definitely our next step and something we’re already working on. 

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In five years from now, we’ll be the leading digital B2B2C platform for asset and wealth managers in Europe, possibly worldwide. With certainty, we won’t be able to fit into our office anymore. We already expect to be close to 80 people by the end of this year.


Your Team

How many employees work at your company right now? Are you planning to expand?

40+ and growing steadily in all areas.

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What is the average age of your team members?

“We are a good mixture of young talents

and experienced experts,

in average the team is in its early thirties.”

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What kind of attitude should new employees have to have in order to work at your company?

At Elinvar you will find an international team of highly motivated colleagues who bring together a mix of experience across technology and financial services in a productive and enjoyable work place. 

We are mainly looking for experts in finance and tech. New colleagues should 

  • excel in their profession,
  • be passionate about what they do,
  • be willing to take ownership,
  • challenge and be ready to be challenged and
  • contribute to a dynamic, positive work environment. 

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Why is it fun to work at your company? Do you offer any employee benefits?

First of all, we take recruiting very seriously and have managed to hire an amazing team. The team creates a high-performant and positive environment, assuring that from day one, everyone has the opportunity to take ownership and ensure the ongoing development of their skills.

New colleagues are often intrigued by our combination of the agility of a startup with low hierarchies and all employer benefits with the professional processes and responsibility of a Bafin licensed finance company. We certainly work hard together, but also really enjoy celebrating our success together.

Employer benefits cover a wide range from daily fresh breakfast and snacks in the office, great coffee and other drinks, to free German classes, team activities and discounts on physical activities and public transport.

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Do you offer new employees a relocation service or help to relocate?

“We want to help everyone to the best start in Berlin

and therefore also support our team

with their relocation and municipal services.”

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Your Office

How big is your Office?

Our office is about 330sqm big, plus we have a big terrace.

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Did you get help from an interior designer by designing the office? And if who did you work together with?

No, it’s all hand-picked by Elinvar 😉

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Thank you Elinvar Team for this interview & the photoshooting!

Location: Berlin, Germany   Website: elinvar

Photos: copyright by the photographer Andreas Lukoschek