We visited the company Appromoters in Amsterdam.

Here is the interview – and have a look at the team and their office in Amsterdam.



Please introduce your company

Appromoters, founded in 2013 by founder and CEO Florian Rost van Tonningen, age 27, started out as a mobile marketing agency focused on strategic market positioning of mobile applications.

The need for mobile marketing knowledge was strong and the supply scarce. Since then, the company has transformed into a rapidly growing ad agency serving clients across the globe whilst bootstrapping it’s way to success.

With its millennial mentality and ‘can-do’ mindset the company has embarked on a mission to bring the right user to the right app, achieved by her focus on transparency, integrity and commitment to each campaign.

Appromoters Adnovation Officedropin 9913 HAVE A LOOK AT APPROMOTERS OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM

Appromoters Adnovation Officedropin 9816 HAVE A LOOK AT APPROMOTERS OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM
CEO & Founder of Appromoters, Florian Rost van Tonningen

Your Business

What is your core business?

Finding the right users for our customers is our business. We optimize the media campaigns for our clients on our own media supply channels with a data driven, result oriented approach.

Using the technology from Appromoters’ sister company allows for a unique position in which new innovative solutions are rapidly at the companies disposal.

How did you get to your business idea and when was your company established?

Before founding Appromoters, the founder had a prior venture as an app development studio for media companies & sports athletes.

The spare time they hade left, they spent on making their own mobile app and launched this into the market.

The app failed, mainly due to a lack of marketing knowledge and understanding. At that time, there was no Appromoters around the corner and so Florian knew the market demanded solutions… soon after Appromoters was born. 

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Appromoters Adnovation Officedropin 9847 HAVE A LOOK AT APPROMOTERS OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM


Are you using Venture Capital? 

“No, we are fully bootstrapped!”

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Where do you see the company in 5 years?

When the core business relies on committed and fearless professionals driving the future of mobile marketing, the next 5 years are promising.

The team is constantly growing with people that want to help our customers and partners win.

We’ll have offices in at least 4 continents and will have helped to shape the advertising industry into a cleaner and more enjoyable experience for all involved.

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Your Team

How many employees work at your company right now? 

We are a team of 20 People from 13 nations. Have an average age of 27 and a man/ female ratio of 62,5% | 37,5% 

What is the average age of your team members?

We have an average age of 27.

How high is the female/ man ratio?

We have a female / man ratio of 37,5% | 62,5% .

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Why is it fun to work at your company? Do you offer any employee benefits?

It is said that a job is not a job, it’s simply who we are. Some people like the aspect of being given new opportunities where they can maximize their strengths.

Appromoters could be the home away from home, because it’s a family atmosphere, with young people having different cultural and professional backgrounds.

As benefits, we have Friday drinks, off-site events, daily team lunch, and the benefits package is constantly improving.

Do you offer new employees a relocation service or help to relocate?

Starting with the “Expat Guidelines”, the new employee is helped in having an accurate understanding of the Dutch system.

The company helps in relocating fast and easily to Amsterdam, because everyone knows the hastle of finding a place where the house market demand is constantly increasing.

What kind of attitude should new employees have to have in order to work at your company?

Attitude plays such a big role when we speak about the workplace. After all, what good are great professional skills without the attitude to see it all through? Here are the three key attitudes that Appromoters values in order to ensure productive teams and engaged people.

1.     Ambition and the willingness to go the extra mile. Ambition triggers creative ideas, curiosity, and a go-getter attitude.

2.     Enthusiasm because someone who is optimistic about life radiates a positive attitude, influencing colleagues and customers in a memorable way. This kind of person dives into every project with interest, eagerly learning new skills and ideas.

3.     Innovation because people should never stop reaching higher. True innovation is unlikely to occur in the absence of a meaningful mission or clear vision. Without it, Appromoters can’t attract the right talent, build and empower teams or ensure improvement even after attaining success.

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Your Office

How big is your Office? Did you get help from an interior designer by designing the office?

The office is dead right in the center of Amsterdam next to the famous flower market. Located on the third floor, the office is 450m2 of fully open space, separated only by glass, with large windows and high ceilings. To the west you’ll find luscious and green interior gardens and to the east is the busy Vijzelstraat.

The industrial office design is modern and open with inviting seats for meetings.

The initial design was created by Jerrald Justin, an eclectic Dutch designer who found exceptional objects that added personality to this project.

Appromoters Adnovation Officedropin 9869 HAVE A LOOK AT APPROMOTERS OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM

What else is special about the office?

The open areas are contrasted with meeting offices that feature translucent glass panels to maintain the open work atmosphere. The furniture pieces lend an authentic aesthetic, and the main colors are emerald green and vintage brown.

Exposed utilities, such as conduit tubes and cables are visible on the ceiling enhancing the open space. What is special about the office is the location, central and easily accessible.

This neighborhood was once home to Amsterdam’s wealthiest citizens, now looking like a perfect area to relax after a day at work. Have a drink, walk around, pick a spot and enjoy.

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Thank you Appromoters Team for this interview & the photoshooting!

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Website: appromoters

Photos: copyright by the photographer Andreas Lukoschek