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In June 2016 we visited the company MODOMOTO, known for their online shopping service.

Here is an overview. Have a look at the team and their office in Berlin.

modomoto 1024x805 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

modomoto 20 1024x917 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

`Be well dressed without shopping`. That is the promise of the Berlin based company Modomoto founded in 2011 by Corinna Powalla.

modomoto 6 1024x721 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

modomoto 13 1024x697 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

the MODOMOTO box

Modomoto is a curated online shopping service that relieves men of the burden of shopping clothes. What started as a small startup in a backyard office in Berlin-Kreuzberg grew quickly into a successful enterprise

modomoto 10 1024x637 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

Just two years after founding Modomoto already had 100 employees. Meanwhile about 200 people are working in a huge office still located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It has its own warehouse stocked with many different brands.

The company managed successfully to combine an individual consultation with the convenience of online shopping. Once registered the customer will be asked different questions relating to his favorite kind of style, requirements, fit and size.

modomoto 4 1024x829 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

modomoto 9 1024x691 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

Next step is a personal phone call with an experienced stylist who will compile two outfits which emphasize the individual type of the customer.

The Modomoto box including the outfits as well as a handwritten note will be sent free of charge.

After receiving the box, the customer has time to try on the outfits and only has to pay for the garments he wants to keep.

modomoto 15 1024x683 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

modomoto 19 1024x683 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

Since the end of 2013 Modomoto has expanded its service. Located in Berlin-Mitte the company opened the Modomoto Fitting Room to link online and stationary retailing. The Fitting Room only opens its doors for appointments.

The customer will be served by a stylist who has already made a pre-selection of outfits. In addition, the Fitting Room is stocked with bestsellers and accessories.

In a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere, the costumer enjoys an even more personal shopping experience. Yet the core business of the company is still the online service.

modomoto 18 1024x768 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

After Modomoto has already extended the shipping to Austria and Switzerland, the company took over the Dutch competitor ‘The Cloakroom’ in 2016 and thus opened up access to other markets.

Together they form the Curated Shopping Group which has more than 250 employees and serves customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. modomoto 7 1024x652 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Officemodomoto 14 1024x640 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Officemodomoto 11 1024x660 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin OfficeModomoto chose a sustainable business development. The company was funded with the aid of some early-stage investors, banks and by current revenues.

At the beginning of 2017 for the first time an external investor joined the company in a major way. modomoto 3 1024x637 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Officemodomoto 2 1024x687 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Officemodomoto 8 1024x657 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin OfficeThe investment company Auden AG invested in the Curated Shopping Group. In return the company received 10 percent of the shares.

At the end of 2017 the Auden AG reduced its shares to 2,7 percent. The released shares have been taken over by existing investors.

modomoto 23 1024x733 A Tour of Modomotos Berlin Office

founder of MODOMOTO: Corinna Powalla

Thank you Modomoto Team for the photoshooting!















Location: Berlin, Germany   Website:  Modomoto

Research & Text: by Nina Dettmer   Photos: copyright by AndreasL.de